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Adult Rapid Eczema Relief Body Butter


Redefine your beauty with this Rapid Eczema Relief Body Butter. With the subtle scent of lavender, the senses relax and bring the body at ease. All the tension leaves the body as lavender has the power to soothe our stress.

Luxurious Kiyamel Eczema relief body butter is here for the best nourishment of the skin. This amazing product solves the problem as it is made with natural and organic ingredients that provide your skin with all the nourishment needed to improve it. 

If you are facing skin problems, then your search is over. We have body butter for you that will help make your skin smooth and keep your skin healthy and soft.

It is very effective on eczema because it contains all the natural and organic ingredient which helps in the prevention of allergies.

Kiyamel body butter is made of organic mango butter, Haitian Castor Oil, Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil, vitamin E, and light fragrance.

It contains vitamin E, which is very good for the skin and penetrates deep into the skin. Make your skin free of dryness and nourish your skin with kiyamel body butter. Our body butter will soften the dry parts of your body, give a natural-looking glow, and is very effective for eczema. Let's have a look at its features:

Features of body butter:

For perfect and smooth skin, body butter is used because:

  • Body moisturizer
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  • Useful in removing makeup
  • Best in the treats of eczema
  • Give the skin a soft and smooth feeling
  • Effective in reducing the dryness on the skin
  • Useful for dry patches on knees and elbows
  • Also effective on dry neckline and lips


For glowing skin, applying body butter after a shower is better. After you take the daily bath, dry your body with the towel and apply it to your skin. Please do not rub it or dry it on your skin completely.

Apply a little scoop of body butter to your skin and massage it gently until the body butter is fully absorbed. Don't apply it too much, but you can apply a second layer on your skin if you feel your body needs more moisture throughout the day. Pay attention to knees, elbows, and feet while applying body butter on the skin because these parts of the skin are usually dry and need extra moisture. The body butter will give extra nourishment to those parts of the skin. You can also apply body butter before going to bed for overnight moisture. It is better to massage lightly on your body before going to sleep. At night the body butter will absorb properly in your skin and give you a magical look. If your feet are extra dry, it is better to apply body butter before wearing socks and getting into bed at night. Due to socks, the feet will get perfect nourishment, remove the dryness from your feet, and make them super soft.


Get your skin to moisturize! This product will make your skin glowing and soft as well as 24 hours moisture. The list of ingredients used in the making of kiyamel body butter is

  • Organic Mango Butter
  • Haitian Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Light fragrance 

Uses and Availability

The Kiyamel body butter gets your skin to moisturize and stay healthy for longer! Our rapid eczema relief body butter will make your skin glowing and soft as well as 24 hours protection from dryness. It gives nourishment to the skin, provides softness, and prevents it from dryness. Give your skin a smooth and glowing look. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aaron Turner
It Works!!

We’ve tried everything on the store shelf for my son’s eczema but nothing seems to work until we found this cream. My son loves it it doesn’t burn his skin like some of the other creams with steroids. He says it smells good.

Marc-Henry Jean
Best product I ever purchased

I love Kiyamel. It gets the job done. I highly recommend Kiyamel to anyone who is looking for rapid eczema relief.

Marc-Henry Jean
The best

I was dealing with a dry feet for over year. My feet have gotten so dry that they hurt me sometimes. I have tried many other products including Vaseline among other.

When I finally heard of Kiyamel, I quickly bought and was very impatient to give it a try.

OMG, It was mind blowing. I felt in love with my feet now. Kiyamel got the job done. It was the only product that gives significant relief my dryness feet issue. I am recommending 1000% Kiyamel if you are dealing with dry feet like I was. Personally, I rarely leave reviews on products but I made an exception to
my experience with Kiyamel as I believe it would help others to know that Kiyamel is the REAL DEAL.

Cherie Smith
Love it

Really love the product. It is helping my daughters eczema

Kimberly B
Truly Rapid Relief!!!

Long time eczema sufferer, mostly on my hands as of late! Dry, and cracked and painful. I used rapid eczema relief body butter and that same day, within an hour - I noticed relief! Please don’t stop selling this product, because steroid creams don’t work, and over the counter creams and lotion don’t either! This product is phenomenal! All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

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