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Skin Thirst Quencher


Got Extremely dry and itchy skin? This duo is formulated for skins that  are cracked and cannot retain moisture. It gives the skin an extra layer of protection against toxins and pollutants. Skin feels and looks regenerated, smoother than a baby butt.

Use the Eczema Relief Oil first then the Baby Balm. Watch your skin blossom.



Baby Balm 

  • Mango Butter

  • Shea Butter 
  • Black Currant Seed oil
  • Calendula oil
  • Jojoba Oil 
  • Tamanu Oil 
  • Grapeseed Oil 
  • Lavender Essential Oil

  • Vitamin E 

Eczema Relief 

  • Cannabis Sativa ( Hemp) Seed Oil
  • Helianthus Annuus ( Sunflower) Seed oil
  • MCT oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Vitamine E

Patch Test Instructions:

Choose a small, discreet patch of skin on your body, such as a wrist or behind an ear. Apply a small amount of products, rub it in, and allow it to dry. Cover with a band-aid for accelerated testing. Do not wash that area for at least 24 hoursand watch for signs of a reaction such as abnormal redness or irritation. If an adverse reaction occurs discontinue use. 


If shipped during warmer weather, this product may melt. Body Butters have a low melting point. Please monitor your tracking status to quickly retrieve packages from the mailbox. If melting at any time occurs, simply place the butter in the fridge and it will solidify. After solidifying please stir butter to fluff. The melting will not affect the great quality and nutrients of the butter. Express shipping with a cold pack is available upon request. Send a message below for this additional service fee.  

 FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advise. We strongly encourage you to have a test patch before use.

Shelf life: 12-18 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carla G
Toddler stopped itching immediately

I tried every product in target to help my 3 year with his eczema. So glad I came across the Skin thirst Quencher my son stopped itching immediately.

Barri-Ann Jackson
Life Changing

My son suffered with dry skin to the point that he would draw blood when scratching. The first day that I we received our package, I applied the eczema relief oil first, then the balm after. You see immediate differences in his skin. I wish I could have done a before and after picture.

Dede Zoloua
I love it

My oldest son eczema gets better. Thank you for your products.

Holy Grail

I brought the oil for my daughters. I ended up using the oil because I saw their skin were glowing. Omg, my skin is beautiful, I can say I found the Holy grail for beautiful skin. I love it.

Mhummm my kiyamel!

no word to explain how I'm happy.My daughter has her wonderful skin back. May God bless kiyamel company. She call it: Mhummm my Kiyamel! what a joy to help your kid feel comfortable!

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