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Healing & Soothing Adult Oil


 Introducing the Kiyamel Healing & Soothing Oil – a groundbreaking formula that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to superior skincare. Clinically tested and stamped with the esteemed approval of the National Eczema Association, this oil is not just a product, but a promise of healthier, radiant skin.

Unparalleled Benefits:

  • Eczema Relief: Specifically formulated to address the unique challenges of eczema-prone skin, it provides relief from inflammation, itching, and dryness, restoring skin's natural barrier.

  • Acne Control: Its non-comedogenic properties ensure that it hydrates without clogging pores, making it ideal for acne-prone skin.

  • Daily Moisturization: Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin. This oil ensures daily hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and revitalized.

  • Efficient Makeup Remover: Gentle yet effective, it dissolves even the most stubborn of makeup, ensuring your skin remains clean and nourished.


Jojoba oil, Black Currant Seed oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E, Bergamot Essential Oil.


    • Lightweight and fast-absorbing
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-toxic
    • Free from artificial fragrance
    • Gluten-free
    • Approved and tested by dermatologists.
    • Made of 100% natural ingredients
    • Accepted by the National Eczema Association

    Why Kiyamel Healing & Soothing Oil?

    Crafted with precision and care, every drop of this oil encapsulates the essence of nature and scientific innovation. Its myriad uses make it a versatile addition to your skincare routine, catering to a spectrum of skin challenges with unmatched efficacy.

    A Clarion Call to Skincare Aficionados:

    If there ever was a moment to invest in your skin's future, this is it. Dive into the world of Kiyamel and experience skincare like never before.

    🌟 ACT NOW! 🌟 Don't just be a part of the skincare revolution, lead it! Grab your bottle of what many are calling the best skincare product ever created. Embrace the magic of Kiyamel Healing & Soothing Oil and let your skin tell its story of transformation. Buy Now and Witness the Miracle!

    Patch Test Instructions:

    Choose a small, discreet patch of skin on your body, such as a wrist or behind an ear. Apply a small amount of products, rub it in, and allow it to dry. Cover with a band-aid for accelerated testing. Do not wash that area for at least 24 hours and watch for signs of a reaction such as abnormal redness or irritation. If an adverse reaction occurs discontinue use. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    My order was incorrect. I contacted the company and they got back to me promptly and corrected the mistake. Thanks again

    Dreah Thomas
    God sent

    This product is God sent. Cleared up my skin in one week.

    Melanie Turner
    Great for healing mask acne!!!

    I use this product for my son’s cheeks which are areas that are susceptible to mask acne from wearing a mask all day at school.

    I initially used it to heal the scarring and breakouts that had already appeared. I now apply it to his cheeks every morning as a preventative measure. It works wonders!

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